Saturday, November 25, 2006

Liberal doesn't trust self with a gun...

A self described "liberal with a temper" posted this blog post saying she is "Thanful for restrictive handgun laws." She goes on to say "I am in the foulest of moods."

So, she seems to fear she'd go on a rampage were she to have a gun. Guess that's why lots of liberals want to ban my guns...if they don't trust themselves, why would they trust me?

Sure, she may be just making a joke here, but I'm sure there are many liberals out there that actually believe that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. It seems like the majority of liberals I've encountered are afflicted with a seething rage, so of course what they really want is to lay waste to those around them. And since they're the smarter, more rational folk, how much worse must we be? Nope, we can't even be trusted with toy guns or even pointing our fingers and saying 'bang'.