Thursday, May 25, 2006

Is Customer Relations Dead?

I've noticed several times in recent days that I've been in a store, gone to the check out, made my purchase and left without a store clerk saying a single word to me. You walk up to the checkout, they take the item, scan it, reach out for your money or credit card, then hand you the receipt back... no word spoken. What's the deal?

I had to take a DVD back to the store I rented it from because it wouldn't play. I walk in, and the guy turns to look at me. I guess this indicated that he was ready to listen, but he said nothing. I explained the situation. He reached out, took the DVD, then went looking for another one. Again, not one word of "I'm sorry that happened sir" or "let me find you another copy" nothing. He came back with the DVD and handed it to me and turned as if he was all done. Never a word. Sigh.

What has happened to people? Why don't they talk to customers anymore? I've seen it a lot at drive up windows as well. I'll have to keep my eyes out to see. I just want the middle ground. I don't like sales people that hound me, or tell me all kinds of life stories that I don't really want to hear either, but I'll take the person that's talkative over the person that just seems to ignore me.

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