Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Person gets the vapors over ad in sports section

In the mental health field, when we have someone who gets emotionally upset just looking at a picture of an object, we usually call that irrational, a phobia, something that's just not "normal."

Apparently some poor soul in the Hartford, Connecticut area had this problem while reading the sports section:
"Then I was smacked in the gut by the advertisement on the back page of the section in my hand."

What could possibly smack this person so hard? Why *gasp* a gun ad. Yes folks, an after Thanksgiving ad from a gun dealer bothered this poor soul so much, they even thought of ending their subscription.

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Anonymous said...

a couple a months ago someone in my local paper wrote in with a simular complaint - this time it was because of a article and photo of a dead deer in the sports section the day after opening day of hunting season.